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Second Parish in Hingham

Unitarian Universalist


Welcome to

Second Parish

   e are delighted that you have found
us and hope that you will feel at
home on our website and ultimately at our church.

As Unitarian Universalists, we are open and welcoming to everyone, confident that knowing you will help us understand the world more fully and that worshiping and working with you will help us in our constant quest to serve others and to appreciate the mysteries of life.


Please consider visiting us to explore what Second Parish has to offer.



Sunday Morning Worship at 10 am,

"Hour of Peace"

 on Wednesday evenings

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Religious Education Classes for Children
and Youth

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Ways We Work to
Give Back to the Community

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We are a welcoming, intergenerational community that enjoys spending time together

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Happy Summer!

Has your search for spiritual space and a faith community brought you to the Second Parish website? If so, we look forward to meeting you at our Homecoming Sunday on September 9, 2018 at 10:00 A.M.  We will be celebrating the Unitarian Universalist tradition of Water Communion. Everyone brings some water symbolic of a meaningful experience or place in their summer and we mingle the water with water from past years. The point isn’t to boast about where some have traveled in the summer. Indeed, people have brought water representing hospital stays, back yard exploration, or water bottles at the local ball park. The point is to share something that has contributed to a meaningful summer and, by pouring the water all together, to show how we reunite after a summer in which we independently pursue our faith.


Independently? Yes, you read that correctly! We do not hold regular services in July or August. This practice comes in part from historical patterns, in part in response to much lighter church attendance in the summer, and in part as an economy on staff salaries. Our covenant - the promise we make to each other each week -  states in part that we will honor “each person’s search for truth”. Each person utilizes the “summer off” differently, in the unique way that nourishes their own needs and summer schedule. Some revel in the break  - and play. Faith is joyful! Others may choose readings to ponder. Families may want to explore and study something together – a story, an event, a song, something happening in their own town or far away, even how other churches worship. And still others may decide to strengthen a helpful practice, perhaps prayer or meditation.


By the time regular services resume in September, we all return refreshed with deeper perspectives, and deeper appreciation of what it means to share our discoveries together.  We would love to have you join us! Someone will be at the door to welcome you. At Second Parish, there’s always a place for you.



Minister at Second Parish

Meet Our Minister,
Rev. Stephanie Shute Kelsch u

Part-time Job Opportunity

Religious Education Assistant Needed


Second Parish is looking for someone who is interested in assisting our Religious Education Coordinator with Sunday School lessons.  The hours are on Sundays from 10am-12pm, September through June. Once a month we will have a staff meeting from 12:00-12:30.


If you:


  • Love working with children ages 2-12
  • Are open-minded to different faiths and religions
  • Are interested in helping children learn about values such as compassion, courage, gratitude, and forgiveness through secular and non-secular texts and activities
  • Are creative, both artistically and spiritually


We would love to meet you!


Please contact our Coordinator of Religious Education,

Leigh Baltzer, at (781) 267-8829 for more information!


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