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Welcome to

Second Parish

   e are delighted that you have found
us and hope that you will feel at
home on our website and ultimately at our church.

As Unitarian Universalists, we are open and welcoming to everyone, confident that knowing you will help us understand the world more fully and that worshiping and working with you will help us in our constant quest to serve others and to appreciate the mysteries of life.


Please consider visiting us to explore what Second Parish has to offer.



Sunday Morning Worship at 10 am,

"Hour of Peace"

 on Wednesday evenings

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Ways We Work to
Give Back to the Community

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Religious Education Classes for Children
and Youth

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We are a welcoming, intergenerational community that enjoys spending time together

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See you in September!

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So why are we closed in the summer?


If, as journalist Dorothy Thompson said, “The instinct to worship is hardly less strong than the instinct to eat,” it would seem that church should keep going year-round.


Originally, the reason Unitarian churches in New England closed in the summer related to the academic schedule at Harvard Divinity School. Later, the churches closed in July and August because so many families relocated to Cape Cod or Northern New England for much of the summer. Having both closed and stayed open during previous summers, Second Parish “takes a break” this summer for two major reasons.


First of all, people do alter their schedules in the summer. With the relaxed feel that often comes with summer - and the easier opportunity to be outdoors -  many people pursue interests that affect their usual routines. Attendance at church declines as the changed activities and attitudes blossom. That works. We all need a change of pace and it helps to refresh us. In addition, a faith community that “respects each person’s search for truth” needs to give each person time to search for that truth on individual terms and in individual ways. This break also helps us to appreciate our community of faith more fully; by the end of the summer there’s a palpable excitement about returning to church!


Secondly, our church building will be under construction this summer. The long-awaited enclosed handicap access ramp project is underway and, in its initial phases, we won’t be able to use the sanctuary or Cushing Hall. Our Wissinger Organ has been professionally wrapped to protect it from construction dust. The pew cushions will be stacked up and covered, too. Now clearly we could find a way to worship together even with the disruption of construction if the congregation wanted to, but the majority are happy with a break. (see the previous paragraph) and those who wish to keep worshipping at a church have talked with me and made plans for how to do so. Yes, this is an independent group!


We may be closed for a combination of spiritual and practical reasons this summer, but we will be back in session on the Sunday after Labor Day, September 11th at 10:00 AM.  September 11th is a momentous day in our country and it will be good to be together. Please come and join us. In the meantime – enjoy the summer!




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Contact the church office for information about next year's festival

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