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Second Parish in Hingham

Unitarian Universalist

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Welcome to

Second Parish

   e are delighted that you have found
us and hope that you will feel at
home on our website, in our online worship and activities during the pandemic, and ultimately at our church.

As Unitarian Universalists, we are open and welcoming to everyone.  We believe that learning, worshiping, and working together will help us in our constant quest to serve others and to appreciate the mysteries of life.


Directions for joining our Sunday services during the pandemic are available under the "Worship" tab on this website.  Our Sunday morning service  is at 10 am.  Please consider visiting us to explore what Second Parish has to offer.



Sunday Morning Worship at 10 am

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Religious Education Classes for Children
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Ways We Work to
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We are a welcoming, intergenerational community that enjoys spending time together

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Services in January

We would love to have you join us for our online Sunday service at 10:00. Connection details are under the "Worship" tab.


Jan 3 - For the New Year

Prominent religious leader Howard Thurman has noted that it is after Christmas that the true work of Christmas begins. This service will focus on poems and prayers that address Thurman’s thoughts about that work, offering each of us vision for the much-anticipated 2021. Our soloist is Gabrielle Coyne, soprano.


Jan 10 - On Dr. King’s sermon “Remaining Awake Through Great Revolution”

Martin Luther King, Jr., left quite a legacy, including profoundly rich sermons offering relevance and inspiration over half a century later. This sermon will look at portions of the last Sunday sermon King preached and reflect on what they say to us today.   Baritone Frank Piekut will be our soloist.


Jan 17 - Guest minister Rev. Beau Rivers

“Where Do We Go From Here?” looks at how the approval and distribution of a vaccine heralds an end to the pandemic,  and we may begin to envision a shift from survival mode to meaning-making.  How might this global health crisis shape the future of humanity? Will it be a catalyst for change? How might it change our relationship to the Earth and to each other?  Mark Slawson will provide our music.


Jan 24 - What Language Do You Speak?

The story of the Tower of Babel reminds us that it is impossible to accomplish anything if we don’t understand each other.  With that in mind, sometimes it is good to pause and consider the layers of assumption and code that exist even in a supposedly “shared” language and how that affects communication. Our soloist will be Susannah Thornton, mezzo-soprano.


Jan 31 - Taking the Corner

Longing for positive change, we sometimes rush heedlessly forward when we see the possibility of long-delayed relief. This sermon will consider what might help us “take the corner” with greater care and better results. Mark Slawson will provide our music.

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